Analytics Tables Reference

Analytics tables

Note: The Analytics tables are automatically created when using the product or through the migration utility.

Main Tables

RemoteAccess Table: Registers the information relevant to the Thinfinity® Workspace user access.

Thinfinity® Workspace session information

The Thinfinity® Workspace session information is stored in two tables with a master/detail relationship.

Sessions Table: Each time a user access a remote server through Thinfinity® Workspace an entry in the Sessions table is generated. This entry is updated with the disconnection date when the session ends (by closing the tab or browser).

EventLogs Table: In this table an entry is generated for each event related to the session referenced by the SessionID field.

Auxiliary Tables

Actions: Fixed list container for actions referenced by the ActionID column in the EventLogs table.

Browsers: Has a unique list of browsers detected by the product. Any reference in User Agent generates a new entry in the Browsers list. This table is references both by the RemoteAcess table and the Sessions table.

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