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The Program tab allows you to set up an app to start on the foreground of your connection, while the rest of the operating system is loaded in the background.
You have two options to achieve this, Start a Program, which loads the selected application without any additional features, ideal for Windows 10 users.
Or you can Execute it as a RemoteApp, for Windows Server users only. This creates an interface that lets you use more than one app instance at a time, while the rest of the server is hidden in the background.
On Connection
Select between Do Nothing (Normal desktop connection); Start a Program; Execute as RemoteApp
Program path and file name
Specify the complete path to give access the application you want to start with the connection. Right after the path you should also inform the application arguments, if they exist.
Applications arguments.
Start in the following folder
Inform a context directory for the program set on the field "Program path and file name"
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