Enhanced Browser and DPI Support

Among the wide range of valid resolutions that Thinfinity® Workspace offers, the most commonly used —for its flexibility and simplicity— is “Fit to Browser”. This configuration allows you to adjust the remote desktop/remote application to fit the available browser size. However, when it comes to accessing a desktop from different devices, the sometimes huge differences between screen sizes and pixel resolutions (i.e. iPhone 4 vs a 27 inch iMac Retina Display) make it impossible to have a simple rule to determine the best remote desktop size. Even when the application is adjusting properly to the available size, the screen rendered might still look tiny or disproportionate, making the user experience not as satisfactory as expected.

Tailoring "Fit to browser"

Now, using a new configurable browser detection ruleset, we can tailor the way we want to see of the remote desktop/application on every device. This ruleset allows you to specify rules that will detect the web browser, device and display characteristics, and set parameters that adjust the remote desktop/application resolution according to your own taste.

The main characteristics that need to be taken into account are:

· The browser User Agent, that tells about the web browser and device

· The device pixel ratio, that tells about the real display resolution

· The device display size

· The display orientation (landscape or portrait)

The browser detection ruleset is stored in a file with entries that contain specifications (rules) that match general or specific devices. Each entry (model) can inherit matching parameters (properties) from a more general model. For example, you can define an iOS model and an iPhone4 can inherit the iOS model properties.

A default ruleset file named BrowserRules.ini is installed in the Thinfinity® Workspace program folder. Then, if it doesn’t exist there yet, it is copied to "C:\ProgramData\Cybele Software\Thinfinity\Workspace" and renamed as Thinfinity.RemoteDesktop.BrowserRules.ini. You can safely customize this file as it won’t be overridden with a program update.

The structure of this file is as follow:

min-width = 640
min-height = 480
max-width = 2560
max-height = 1600
max-device-pixel-ratio = 1
parent-model = default
match-mobile = true
max-device-pixel-ratio = 2

Note: for these setting to apply, the connection’s ‘Resolution’ property must be set to ‘Fit to browser’.

Configure this setting in the ‘Display’ tab of the Access Profiles, or the 'Display' tab of the web interface.

Or, if you are using the SDK, set:


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