Keyboards and Toolbars

1. Right Side Toolbar

The right side toolbar will be visible from the moment you establish your remote desktop connection. By default it contains the following options :

1. Toolbar Editing Options

1. Regular Mobile Keyboard

Along with most mobile devices comes a logical keyboard comprised by the keys that are most used by mobile applications.

With Thinfinity® Workspace you can use any kind of application located on a remote desktop and that is why Thinfinity® Workspace has two additional keyboards with all the keys the device keyboard might not support.

a. Enabling the regular keyboard:

I. If you are on the "Login" or on the "Settings" screen, this keyboard will get automatically enabled every time you enter a text field.

II. Once you get connected to a remote desktop or application, you should touch the last Thinfinity® Workspace side menu button, in order to enable the regular keyboard.

b. Using the regular keyboard:

The keyboards use is very intuitive. You just have to touch the keys you want to type in.

To use numbers and special caracters, touch the ".?123" key.

If you want to make the regular keyboard invisible, press the last button (the one with a keyboard and a down arrow draw).

2. Thinfinity® Extended Keyboard

Thinfinity® has two additional keyboards.

In order to enable them you should touch the first up-down keyboard button, on the Thinfinity® side menu.

a. Upper keyboard

The upper Thinfinity® keyboard has the keys CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, INS, DEL, HOME, END and NEXT.

This keyboard leaves the keys on until you have pressed a valid combination of them, for example, CTRL+ALT+DEL.

b. Bottom keyboard

The bottom Thinfinity® Workspace keyboard has the F1-F12 keys, the arrow keys and few more, as you can check out on the up image.

If you need to disable both Thinfinity® Workspace additional keyboards, press the last bottom keyboard key (the one with a keyboard and a down arrow below draw).

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