Web Profile Manager

In here, you'll find the steps to create a new connection with Thinfinity® Workspace, via a completely revamped Web Profile Manager, in which you'll be able to configure all aspects of your Access Profiles from within the browser itself.

Thinfinity® Workspace allows you to create connections such as the following:

  • By default, the option to create new connections on the Thinfinity® Workspace landing page, is enabled and visible. This is seen as a "[+]" on the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager, on the Access Profiles tab, like so:

  • With the New button activated, you will be able to see if on the Thinfinity® Workspace landing page:

  • After clicking on the New button, you'll see the revamped New Access window that allows you to choose from all the Access types of profiles that Thinfinity® Workspace has to offer. Those being Remote Desktop, VNC/RFB, a Terminal connection, Web Link and Web VPN. You also have the Label feature that allows you to create subfolders to better organize your Thinfinity® Workspace landing page:

  • Another feature new to Thinfinity® Workspace is the ability to edit existing profiles in all aspects, same as on the client application. To be able to modify an existing connection, you would only need to click on the Edit button in the form of a pen, above the profile icon:

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