Configure OAuth with Auth0

This tutorial will show you how to enable 2FA using Auth0 with Thinfinity® Workspace.
Auth0 Guardian mobile application is required for 2FA.
  • Create a new application on Auth0’s administrator site, and chose “Single Page Web Application”:
  • Copy your Client ID and Client Secret:
  • In the “Allowed Callback URL”, you need to add the URL that you are going to use to authenticate, and the VirtualPath of the Authentication Method (OAuth by default):
  • To enable 2FA , click on the “Multifactor Auth” and enable “Push Notifications”:
  • Open the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager, navigate to the authentication tab, press “Add” -> ”OAuth2.0” -> ”Other”:
  • Add the following information:
This information can be verified in the “Endpoints” tab under Advanced Settings in the Application you created on Auth0’s interface:
Click on “OK” after you entered the information.
  • Click on the “Mappings” tab and then press “Add” under the Authentication ID Mask:
  • Add the email address of the Auth0 user you want to validate and press “Ok”
  • Then, under the “Associated Permissions” field, press on the “Add” button and search for the Active Directory User
  • After you add the appropriate mappings, click on the “Apply” button.
  • Navigate to the Thinfinity® Workspace landing page, and you should see the “Login With OAuth” option listed as an Authentication Method: