Secondary Broker Pool

Thinfinity® Workspace Secondary Brokers allow you to distribute the workload across Pools of VMs or bare-metal PCs/Servers, either RDP sessions, RFB/VNC, or SSH/Telnet.

Some of the benefits of load balancing:

  • Install on remote sites

  • No need to open incoming ports

  • Avoids overload by distributing the connections among different servers

  • More reliability

  • Ideal for Cloud deployments

Secondary Brokers will register against the Gateway, hence, you will not have to open any inbound ports. As you can see in the diagram below, the only component(s) facing the internet is the Gateway(s).

This setup will give you better flexibility and allow to install in more complex environments. The Gateway server and Primary Broker can sit in a DMZ and the Secondary Brokers in your network, or even separate networks.

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