More often than not, employees are required to interact with several sites or web applications that are only accessible through a company’s private network. To mitigate this need, companies have been obliged to deal with pesky VPN solutions, which are time consuming and require a great deal of expertise to properly and securely set up.

Ongoing security updates, compliance checks and compatibility issues are likely to impact directly on IT resources while also adding considerable stress on network performance.

Many VPNs do not provide the tools for unmanaged devices to securely connect to an organization’s network.

This image exemplifies how a Web VPN is configured with Thinfinity® Workspace:

Thinfinity® Workspace includes an ingenious Clientless VPN which enables IT Admins to easily and effortlessly deliver access to Enterprise Intranet Applications.

Thinfinity® Workspace manages to do all this, without the need to install an additional client on the end-user machine. Simply whitelist the domain(s) you need to provide access to, and it will securely forward this connection to the end user’s HTML5 browser.

Thanks to this new approach, legacy VPNs are now a thing of the past. Employees are no longer required to connect to a corporate network, removing the unnecessary security risk of them accessing restricted devices or data.

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