Setting up a Hyper-V Profile

When you can't access your Hyper-V Virtual Machine through a direct IP address or computer name, or you want to protect this virtual machine location, you can use the Hyper-V GUID to locate the virtual machine inside a Hyper-V Server.

Follow the next steps and learn how to configure a Hyper-V profile:

1. Add a new profile.

2. On the profile Computer field, inform the Hyper-V Server name or IP address.

3. Check the option "Connect to a Hyper-V" Virtual Machine.

4. Complete the 'Credentials', necessary to authenticate against the Hyper-V Virtual Machine.

5. If you know the Virtual Machine ID (GUID), you can inform it on the field "Virtual machine id" and skip step 6.

6. If you don't know the Virtual Machine GUID, click on the "Browse" button and a search dialog will be presented:

6a. Click on the Connect button and the list of virtual machines located on the Informed Hyper-V Server will be presented.

6b. If the Hyper-V Server requires authentication you can enter the credentials on the "Use these credentials" box, and the press Connect.

6c. Once the Collection is selected you can double-click on it or click on the OK button.

6d. The virtual machine GUID will be set on the correspondent field.

7. The other profile settings should be configured like any regular profile (Display, Resources, Program, Experience, Advanced, Printer and Permissions).

8. Once you are done configuring the profile, press 'OK' and then 'Apply'.

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