The Experience section has graphics features that you can choose from like RemoteFX, H264 support, whether to have a desktop background visible or not, among other features.

The web interface "Experience" tab presents you with these following options:

Smart Sizing

Check this option to scale the connection image. The maximum size of the connection will be the original desktop size.

Multitouch redirection

Check this option to enable Multitouch Redirection.

Read more about Multitouch Redirection.


Check this option to enable RemoteFX. Read More about Remote FX. This option affects other settings.

Desktop Background

Check this option to show the desktop background.

Visual Styles

Check this option to show Windows Visual Styles: the appearance of common controls, colors, borders, and themes.

Menu and Windows Animation

Check this option to show menu and Windows animation when you scroll or expand a drop down menu.

Font Smoothing

Check this option to allow "Clear Type", a font smoothing option added to Windows Server 2008.

Show Window Content While Dragging

Check this option to show the contents of the window while being dragged. Otherwise a transparent border is dragged.

Desktop Composition

Check this option to configure the DWM to redirected the desktop drawing to off-screen surfaces in video memory.

Also, the desktop will present many visual effects.

On Connection

Select between Do Nothing (Normal desktop connection); Start a Program; Execute as RemoteApp

Program path and file name

Specify the complete path to give access the application you want to start with the connection. Right after the path you should also inform the application arguments, if they exist.


Applications arguments.

Start in the following folder

Inform a context directory for the program set on the field "Program path and file name"

All of these options enhance the look of the remote desktop and use more bandwidth.

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