In here, you are able to edit the address of the Access Profile, its name, virtual path, and you can choose to categorize it on a Label, as well as customize the icon, and enter credentials to log in.

The Enabled button lets you decide whether the existing connection is active or not, whereas the Visible button lets you decide whether you wish for this connection to be accessible by users who aren't the administrator.


Enter the IP Address or domain name of the profile

Broker Pool

Enter the Broker Pool to which this profile belongs to

Connection Name

Enter the name of the profile for easy recognition

Virtual Path

Enter the virtual path of the profile. By default, it matches the Connection Name


You can place the profile as part of a Label, provided it's already created

Connection Icon

You can choose a specific icon for the profile or leave the one set up by default


If Enabled is checked, this profile will be functioning on the landing page.


If Visible is checked, this profile will be visible to users on the landing page.


You can specify to use the authenticated credentials; specific credentials that you can type here; or to be asked for credentials when you connect to the profile

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