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In the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager's Profile Editor on the "Display" tab you will find the following options:
Type / String
Specify the type of terminal to emulate, which is not necessarily the same that is informed to the server. To inform the server a different type of terminal than the one emulated, use the 'String' field. To automatically detect the type of terminal, check the 'Automatic' option.
DEC Answerback
Here you can specify the DEC 'Transmit answerback message' control character.
Use Computer Name
Check this box to assign the computer's name to the DEC Answerback field.
Auto Wrap
Check this option if you want the text lines to be wrapped when the terminal is resized.
Screen Size
Select any size from the options available in the drop-down list.
Check this option and type in specific numbers.
Specify the number of rows and columns to de displayed. Choose from the options provided or check the 'Custom' option and type in the numbers.
Fixed Column Size
Check this option to display a horizontal scrollbar instead of resizing the font.
Scrollback Lines
Specify the number of rows to keep in the buffer so they can be scrolled with the vertical scrollbar.
Sets a moderated jump speed.
Allows to specify the speed of the jumps scrolled.

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