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The Advanced tab has features like switching TLS version, enabling session recording, change touch from mobile devices from absolute to relative, switching from connecting to distinct sessions to just the console session, among others.
Unicode Keyboard
Uncheck this option to connect to Unix computers through xRDP
Connect to console session
Check this option to connect to the console session. This require confirmation from the logged on user and log out the current session
Disable NLA Login
Enabling this option will turn off Network Level Authentication for this profile
TLS version
Select which Transport Layer Security (TLS) version you wish to implement for your profile
WebSocket compression
Check this option to enable the compression for the exchanged WebSocket data and have the application performance improved
Record remote desktop session
Enable this option to record every session made to this profile
Touch to relative mouse movements
The relative mouse movement is a mouse behavior encountered in touch screen mobile devices, in which the screen cursor moves relatively to the touch.
Uncheck this option to have a mouse behavior similar to the real desktop mouse in which the cursor will be always positioned under the touch
Touch to hold delay (Milliseconds)
Modify the time it takes to hold delay by touch
Minimum drag resistance (Pixels)
Modify the time for minimum drag resistance