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External Authentication

Thinfinity® Workspace incorporates a mechanism to validate users in a corporate environment so that the user will not need to authenticate every time they access Thinfinity® Workspace.
How to authenticate against Thinfinity® Workspace from external applications:
The authentication against Thinfinity® Workspace can be done using:
· username and password or
· username and an ApiKey.
Every time you call Thinfinity® Workspace, you can send within its URL the authentication information. The URL format to authenticate this way is presented below:
http[s]://[username]:[password or apikey]@
Whether the authentication is done using password or apikey, the secrecy of this data is indispensable. That is why Thinfinity® Workspace enables external applications to dynamically negotiate a key to use the Diffie Hellman Key Exchange method for posterior encryption.
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