In the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager's 'Permissions' tab you will find the following options:
Users and Groups
List with the users and groups to grant permissions to.
Adds a new Active Directory user or group into the Permissions list.
Select a listed user/group and click on the 'Remove' button to take all of its previous permissions and remove it from the list.
User access to Analytics
Select a user from the list and check this option to give him/her access to the Analytics feature.
User can play saved sessions
Check this option to enable users to see remote sessions that have been recorded. Read more about Saved Sessions.
Own / Any
If the 'User can play saved sessions' option is checked, choose to allow the use to see any recorded sessions or only those recorded by themselves. Read more about Saved Sessions.
Expand toolbar on Start
Through this option you can configure whether the connection toolbar should start expanded or closed for the selected user on the list.
Show File Transfer (if available)
If you check this option the selected user will have access to the File Transfer feature (downloads and uploads).
Share Sessions
This checkbox allows you to grant the selected user permission to use the Share Session feature.
Enable Send Keys
Uncheck to remove the Send Keys options from the Thinfinity® Workspace toolbar.
Configure Analytics
Press this button to access the Analytics Database Options.
Saved session cleanup
Sets up a self-cleaning process for the stored Saved Sessions.
Access this options dialog by pressing the 'Configure Analytics' button.
Always remember to press 'Apply' in order to save the changes.