Users can be authenticated in Thinfinity® Workspace by using RADIUS.

This kind of authentication requires the system administrator to configure a few settings on the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager.


The Thinfinity® Workspace authentication level must set to Access Profiles.

Setting up the integration

1. Verify that your RADIUS account is up and running and collect the following information: Server IP, Port, Shared Secret and Authentication type.

2. Enable the Integration through the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager's SSO tab.

3. Enter the RADIUS remote usernames that will be authenticated against Thinfinity® Workspace. This setup will be available under the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager's SSO tab, in the 'Mapping' tab.

4. Associate the Active Directory Users/Groups with the authorized RADIUS users in the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager's Mapping tab .

How to use it

1. In the Thinfinity® Workspace login screen:

Note: Thinfinity® Workspace allows you to use Windows authentication, external authentication, or both. This option is set in the 'Authentication' tab of the Manager.

Typically you will not see this, but when both options are enabled, make sure to choose the authentication you will be using:

2. Enter your RADIUS credentials.

3. Press login.

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